Advanced Engine Reconditioning


Line Boring & Honing

Line honing is performed on our Sunnen CH-100 machine to recondition the Main and Cam tunnel. The honed finish achieves finer surface finishes with the result of improved bearing contact which is desired in performance applications and race engines

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning involves using a high frequency sound waves to remove contaminants from parts that have been treated in a special cleaning solution. Thorough and effective cleaning of components is a important part of reconditioning cylinder heads and other engine components.

Surface Finish

Surface finish is extremely important, there are different surface finishes for cast iron and aluminium cylinder heads. At Advanced Engine Reconditioning we use the latest CBN (Cubic Boron Nitrade) cutting tips for cast iron heads and PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) tips for aluminium heads. An incorrect finish will cause failure of the cylinder head gasket. 

Hardness Testing

Overheating an Aluminium head will cause it to loose hardness. A severely overheated head will be soft on the exhaust side of the head face where most of the heat is generated. When a head face becomes softer on one side than the other, uneven clamping results, causing head gasket failure. Every aluminium head that comes through our workshop is hardness tested on arrival and rechecked after work is completed, this ensures that they do not fall below the recommended hardness levels.

Cylinder Reboring and Honing

Our ROBBI boring machine enables us to bore the cylinders and surface machine the block face on the one set up. This ensures cylinder bore to block face trueness. We also specialise in cylinder sleeve fitment and matching, including the fitting of Darton Performance Sleeves.

Cylinder Head Machining

Our Rottler SG8 handles many cylinder head machining operations such as multi angle valve seat cutting, boring out valve seat inserts for oversized valve seats, reaming valve guides and boring/reaming for oversized valve guides, spring seat and valve guide machining, drilling and thread tapping, removing broken bolts and thread repairs with the best surface finishes and concentricity.

head machining

Pressure Testing

We pressure test heads to 60LBS, most radiator caps are rated at 10 to 15LB this ensures that any problems in the head are detected. Our method for pressure testing includes a cold and hot pressure test, heads are checked cold and then heated up to approximately 100 degrees and rechecked. Some minor cracks or holes will seal when the head heats and expands, then reopen when the head cools.


Conrod resizing and Gudgeon pin boring is done with our Sunnen Rod Hone. Conrod services include:

  • Rod resizing
  • Pin Bush fitting and honing
  • Side grinding
  • Piston fitting
conrods Adelaide

Block Surfacing

Advanced Engine Reconditioning recently received a BHJ’S Blok-Tru engine block Blueprinting Fixture from the USA. When used by a trained professional this machine can be used to correct improperly machined deck surfaces. This precision machine fixture has true 45-degree machined angle at each side of its centreline. The Blok-Tru Index Plate, when positioned on the cam crank centreline of the block, will then be referenced to roll over and correctly index the block into position for resurfacing. Top engine builders in the USA rely on the Blok-Tru to ensure the level of accuracy required for todays performance requirements. Common issues that improve after using the Blok-Tru include:

  • Uneven deck clearance
  • Poor intake manifold fit
  • Block deck height measurements

Aluminium welding

We specialises in Aluminium welding repairs. Corrosion, holes and cracks can all be repaired depending on the degree of damage. Any repaired heads are temperature controlled for 24 hours for stress relieving; this ensures that the repair will remain intact.

Cylinder Head Assembly

We utilise equipment like the Trego, this minimises the time to assemble overhead cam multi valve heads. We repair repair many different engines and cylinder heads including Ford, Holden, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and European makes.

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“Would highly recommend Graham for any engine work, good people to deal with.” 
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“Recently I have had a 308 and a 355 Stroker machined by Advanced Engines , I was extremely happy with the quality, price and help they gave.”
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